How Can I Check If My Website Is Mobile Friendly?

Making a mobile-friendly website is an important factor in success in today’s modern, and technological world. Statistics show that nearly 70% of web traffic comes through a mobile device. NYC Web design company mostly focuses on building websites that the users can use in Mobile.

How to take the mobile-friendly test of your website?

Google has developed certain tools that can be used to determine whether a website is mobile-friendly or not. These tools include-

  • Google Analyze tool

This is a tool that Google provides to all its users to know whether their website is mobile-friendly or not. When you enter your website, Google Analyze will tell you whether the website is mobile-friendly within few seconds.

  • Google webmaster tool

This is another tool that helps you to check the mobile-friendly test of your website. You can take the webmaster’s mobile usability test to know the problems for which your website can not view on the mobile devices.

  • With the help of browser

When you customize your desktop screen into a mobile interface, there you can open the website and if it is not opening in that interface them the website is not mobile-friendly. These are different ways to check the website is mobile-friendly or not.

Why websites are required to be Mobile Friendly?

Mobile-friendly websites have many advantages over desktop-friendly websites. The reasons as to why web designers should develop mobile-friendly websites are-

mobile friendly test

  • To get positive ranking signals

For getting more traffic on the website, it should reach to more number of users. As the stats show the mobile users are more if your website is mobile friendly you can get a positive ranking in Google search engine.

  • Mobile devices provide faster download speed

When you open a website in desktop devices, they take much like to upload whereas if you open the same page in Mobile devices, they upload at a much faster speed.

  • Easy access to mobile devices

Desktop devices are not easily accessible as they can’t be carried from one place to another. But mobiles are easily accessible and mobile-friendly websites can easily be viewed at any time and from any place.

The mobile devices are outperforming desktop devices and becoming the most common terminals in internet usage. As a consequence, web designers have to show visitors the same pages on different devices. In Google’s tools, you can easily check the mobile-friendly websites by taking the Google mobile friendly test.


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