Clip art is a good collection of images which can imported into another program or document. You can copy the clip art image to the clipboard of the computer and paste it into another program. There are several ways to create your own clipart and use the clipart as efficient as possible. It is the suitable time to concentrate on the step by step instructions about how to make your own clipart in the PowerPoint. You can create the clipart and save it as a vector or a PNG image which can be used in other programs like the Photoshop and MS Word, often used in motion graphics.

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The first step in this process is to start with a representative image as the base. You have to create a semi-transparent shape at first and remove the lines. This semi-transparent shape makes it easy to trace the image. You can do it by choosing insert > shapes > rectangle. You can draw the shape onto the slide and choose the image > format shape. You can maximize the transparency and remove the line from the format shape window.

If you get this semi-transparent, then you can outline-free shape and use one of the two methods for the rest of the drawings. The first method is copy format. You can click on the shape and copy the format of the chosen shape using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + C and choose another shape and paste the format using the Ctrl + Shift + V. The second method is to set the default shape. You can right click on the option save as default shape and get the overall drawing properties of this shape.

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The next step is to insert shapes to trace the images roughly and rotate the size or scale shapes to match picture. You can use shapes like squares and rectangles for tracing the shapes of the important features. You have to properly use the mouse and drag handles to size as well as scale the shape. Do not forget to adjust the rotation. You have to modify the shapes for a close fit edit points. Once everything traced, you can turn off the semi-transparency and color the shapes as per your wishes. You can successfully design own clipart when you group the shapes in the best possible way. You have to right click and save as an image especially EMF or PNG.

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